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DSTV Upgrade Cape Town by Globetech

DSTV Upgrade Cape Town by Globetech DSTV Installers.

We fix all DSTV problems, do DSTV Upgrades and we don’t stop until it is complete. Never miss your favourite show or sporting event again!

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DSTV Upgrade Cape Town

Globetech DSTV Installers, a DSTV accredited installer in Cape Town  offers a range of digital TV products, setups and servicing for all types of users, be it commercial, residential or communal in Cape Town.

We adhere to the highest standards of all accredited installers and we are dedicated to providing the highest degree of workmanship, making your DSTV installation as hassle free as possible.

By choosing us you can be sure of the best service when it is most convenient for you. With our speedy, hassle free package you’ll have your Mnet Multichoice channels set up in no time at all!

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As one of Cape Town’s larger accredited DSTV suppliers in the area we have skilled and experienced technicians available at short notice, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our DSTV Services Cape Town include

  • DSTV Installations
  • DSTV Repairs
  • DSTV Upgrades
  • DSTV Dish Repair
  • DSTV Move Dish
  • DSTV Additional Connections
  • DSTV Dual view connect
  • DSTV Cabling
  • DSTV Cable Repair
  • DSTV Dish Realignment
  • DSTV Cable Extensions


We are known as GLOBETECH DSTV INSTALLERS – DSTV installation and repair is not recommended for DIY and if you should attempt it you are placing your decoder and television set at risk.

Although the process might look simple it is a highly technical process that requires the correct tools to ensure everything works as it should. The end result for most DIY’s is that the equipment does not perform as expected.

This easily leads to spending much more money than it would have required to do it right the first time.

From the inception of our business, we have been committed to upholding a high standard of service. This is precisely why so many people across the Cape Region continue to trust us with DSTV Installations. Our team is flexible and professional.

We do everything from simple installations to upgrades, and repairs at competitive market related prices.

Here is what you will get when you choose us

  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Multichoice accredited
  • Experienced